Gillmans Funeral Service

Gillmans Funerals have been practicing the art of funeral directorship for almost 200 years. Now if you think about this it means that they have been in business for almost as long as America has been independent and throughout that time Gillmans have serviced the city of London.

They are now established in -

  • Gillmans Tooting – Garratt Lane – tel 020 8672 1557
  • E.A. Godfrey & Gillman Funeral Service – Balham High Street – tel 020 8673 8719
  • Gillman Funeral ServiceBattersea – tel 020 7228 0360
  • Gillman Funeral ServiceCarshalton – tel 020 8669 0483
  • Gillman Funeral ServiceMitcham – tel 020 8685 0349
  • Gillman Funeral Service – Norbury – tel 020 8679 7422

One of the impressive aspects of their service is the 24/7 response service which is available all year round – yes 365 days!

London is very famous for it's pride and there is a tradition that every effort must be made by a family to ensure a lasting tribute is made to comemmorate the life that has passed. Gillman Funeral Services have an array of elements to their professional service including transfer and care of the deceased, vehicles, coffins and caskets, urns, memorial masonry and international repatriation.

Gillmans also have a range of price points so are able to deliver a very affordable funeral service but can also provide a high level all encompassing level of service at the higher end of the budget range.

Staff are experienced, well trained and will carry out their duties with compassion and professionalism.

Gillmans Funeral Service

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