Denis Island

Well first of all I wanted to show some of the pictures from our chalet on Denis Island.

The chalet was a beachfront chalet with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and the coral reefs that surround it. In the mornings we used to open up the doors across the front of the chalet and enjoy our morning coffee laying in bed and watching the waves, turtles enjoying the sounds including fantastic tropical bird song.

The view from the bed on Denis Island using a Sony Alpha 350

Beach at Denis Island

View from the Bed - Denis Island

This was an amazing sight every morning and clearly one that would inspire you at the start of every day, the beach was almost always empty since there are so few chalets on Denis Island.

Here is another view of the front taken from a slightly different angle at a higher tide time, the darker areas of the Ocean are coral reefs.

View from the chalet to the beach on Denis Island

Catherine and myself were usually up and about by 8.30 am so we could get a good breakfast and have time for it to settle before spending time in the Ocean or snorkelling, as Denis Island is surrounded by coral reefs the snorkelling was amazing.

Usually the morning would be spent on the beach in front of the chalet and the afternoons by the pool or perhaps exploring different parts of Denis, once back to the chalet we usually headed straight for the open shower to be refreshed and revitalised.

The chalet was fantastic with normal plug sockets and a fridge plus a seperate cooler for drinks that you could stock from room service. A kettle with tea and coffee and lots of space, the bed was beautiful with a canopy and a fine veil netting, whilst this was for the rare mosquito it actually looked very romantic with low lights and pristine white cotton sheets.

As you can see from the picture below the bed was a lovely size and nice and firm…

Beach Chalet - Denis Island

Beach Chalet - The Bed - Denis Island

All in all the chalet was brilliant, you have to remember that the concept of Denis Island is to keep the natural look and feel of an exotic desert island, this is captured perfectly with a blend of the natural with some neccessary modern comforts, the airconditioning was good so there was always a break from the heat if it was needed plus a comfortable good nights sleep (if that was needed)!!

My section on the main part of the chalet is nearly done and I will create a new entry for the bathroom which was truly stunning…

Denis Island – Island of Paradise

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