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Currys – Advertising standards breached?

Well how frustrated am I to have gone to Currys the electrical retailer to purchase my Rangestyle cooker, here we are nearly three weeks on from parting with my money and all I have for it is a trashed kitchen where all I can do is microwave meals for six people.

I was sold the cooker and a cooker hood by Currys sales staff and part of the deal was free delivery and installation, its a pretty good hook to think you don't have to pay for delivery and that both items will be installed for you.

Well not only did Currys delivery boys rip out my existing appliances breaking them in the process they also had the wrong cooker and refused to fit the new hood!!!

I am so mad about it, I just hate injustice, how can they sell me a promotion that they then refuse to comply with, its a nationwide campaign by Currys and the installation people told me there is no fitting of hoods under any circumstances due to the fact they are not allowed to step above 6ins, wow that is just so dangerous.

What sort of installation promotion is that??

Now I have been waiting for two weeks and a number of days for the new cooker with no means of cooking because the Currys fitters were given the wrong cooker, when I went back to the shop Currys then told me they had none in stock, they had £1300 of my money for a cooker they didnt have and a service they didn't provide with a nationwide promotion they shouldnt be running.

To top it off the management and customer service sucks big time.

Shame on you Currys. Read more about this awful customer experience here – Currys Beware

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